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Why Choose Wellness37?

It's simple. Because there is a giant broken corporate industrial complex between you and your doctor and we are eliminating that expensive and wasteful middle man.
The hospital and insurance system is set up to treat sick people, not keep people well. But it is a lot cheaper for you to just stay healthy.
A little preventative care can go a long way toward financial security as well as a happier and more enjoyable life with friends and family.
Millions of people who are uninsured or underinsured now have a place to go.

It's Your Health. Let Your Doctor Manage it Not a Corporation

It's time to stop outsourcing your wellness and getting bounced around a system that delivers treatment and cost but not health. There is a whole system built that is based on profits, not your wellbeing. We put your health back in your hands. Here you will have a personal doctor again - just like your parents had.

Employer Provided Healthcare is Broken

Employers are paying more every year for less benefits for their employees. Huge deductibles, fewer services, higher co-pays - and it all affects health negatively. Companies can easily manage employee wellness, we give them the resources. Even a small employer with a dozen employees can self fund a plan.

There is a New Workforce

Tens of millions of people are working the gig economy. It allows them more flexibility in their professional life. But they have dropped out of employer based healthcare. We help them stay healthy and happy. We offer convenient and inexpensive access to healthcare directly from the provider. An insurance card should not be the only ticket to healthcare and wellness.

Our Founding Principle is Nobody Should Come Between You and Your Doctor

Over the past century a commercial/industrial complex has grown into a system of management, not a system of advanced healthcare.

Doctors Want to be Doctors

Not corporate employees. They would all rather spend 15 more minutes with you than spending 15 minutes typing into a mandated electronic records system.

Drugs and Technology Have Advanced

But wellness has decreased. Despite 'advances' in medicine we spend more money on healthcare every year yet outcomes are worse and as a population we are sicker than ever.

Adding Government Never Helps

Hospitals and insurance companies already stand between you and healthcare, you don't need anyone else in the way to add more complexity and cost.


Our goal is to provide a suite of services that lead to not only a healthier you, but a happier you too. We will save you time and money by connecting you directly with healthcare and helping you find the providers and services that meet your needs. Not the places and services that make the most money for hospitals and insurance companies. And yes, there is a difference.

Direct Primary Care

A little prevention goes a long way. From now on you can have a doctor that you can call yours. From a single encounter to long term care, either way you have someone to call on. Anytime. Anyplace.

Specialty Care

Sometimes things do go wrong, and we're here to give you the advanced care you need. We can refer out to a network of care in your local area as well.

Labs & Imaging

Sometimes your doctor is going to need a glimpse into you that a virtual visit just can't accommodate. We can refer you to local diagnostic centers that cater to those like you.


First time scripts or refills, we can get to know your condition and provide only the medicine you need.

Diseases of Civilization
& Insulin Resistance

Diabetes, obesity, heart disease - all influenced by metabolic issues and we work with specialists that can get you back on the right track to wellness.

Wellness Concierge

You shop for groceries by price and quality, why don't you shop for healthcare this way? Mainly because market and price data is not there for you. We'll give you a personal guide.


Access to medical professionals and staff 365 days a year.

Primary Care

At the core of health and wellness.

Primary healthcare is crucial as it serves as the first point of contact for individuals with the healthcare system, promoting early diagnosis and prevention of diseases. It plays a vital role in ensuring equitable access to healthcare services, addressing health disparities, and improving overall community health. Additionally, primary healthcare fosters a patient-centered approach, emphasizing continuity of care and the establishment of trustful doctor-patient relationships, which are essential for effective healthcare delivery.

Specialty Care

Enhancing patient outcomes

Specialty healthcare plays a crucial role in providing specialized medical expertise and advanced treatments for patients with complex and specific medical conditions. It ensures that individuals receive tailored care from experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience in their particular field, resulting in better outcomes and quality of life. Access to specialty healthcare services also contributes to early diagnosis and effective management of diseases, ultimately reducing the overall healthcare burden and improving public health.

Eye Care

Safeguarding sight - clear vision, bright future

Ophthalmic care is crucial for preserving and improving one's vision, as regular eye exams can detect early signs of eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration, preventing potential blindness. Additionally, proper eye care can enhance overall quality of life by ensuring clear and comfortable vision, promoting safety while driving or engaging in daily activities, and reducing the risk of accidents caused by visual impairments. Lastly, ophthalmic care is essential for managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, where eye exams can help monitor and prevent diabetic retinopathy, safeguarding both ocular and systemic health.

Mental & Behavioral Health

A vital foundation for well being

Mental and behavioral health is integral to our overall well-being, as it profoundly affects our daily lives, relationships, and productivity. It plays a crucial role in our ability to cope with stress, make sound decisions, and maintain emotional stability. Neglecting mental and behavioral health can lead to a range of challenges, from reduced quality of life to more serious conditions, underlining the importance of prioritizing and addressing these aspects of our health.

Diet & Nutrition

Fueling your health

Diet and nutrition are cornerstones of good health, as they provide the essential nutrients our bodies need to function optimally. A well-balanced diet not only supports physical well-being but also plays a critical role in maintaining mental and emotional health. Making informed dietary choices can help prevent a wide range of health issues, from obesity and heart disease to mood disorders, underlining the paramount importance of diet and nutrition in our lives.



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