A Personal Journey - From the Founder of Wellness37

$129,092.10 per hour. That's what I estimate I was billed for recent medical services.

And here's the bill.


Problem #1

My physician works for a hospital, and that's where he sent me.
To be very clear though, I'm not knocking the doctor, in fact he's a great doctor that I like a lot - caring, skilled, takes time with me, owns a winery - everything a doctor should be. But he sent me for imaging where he works.

Problem #2

There were cheaper options.
When I got the orders from my doctor, I called another surgeon friend to see if I could shop this.
That surgeon called a doctor he knows at a local diagnostic center and he was told I could show up and pay ~$1000 for the procedure.

Problem #3

It was the wrong procedure.
My doctor wrote orders for the CT without contrast.
The hospital billed insurance for CT with contrast.

Let's assume the hospital decision to order a more expensive CT with contrast was nothing but an honest clerical mistake.

Problem #4

They ran the wrong procedure.
The bill says CT with contrast, but the tech gave me a CT without contrast.
Again, let's assume this mistake only righted the last mistake.

Problem #5

The CT took 10 minutes.
Make that hourly and they are billing >$100,000 per hour.

Problem #6

The bill to insurance from the hospital was $21,515.35, the patient (me) is responsible for $22.33 excluding my deductible.
There is just some massive disconnect between the patient and provider in our healthcare market.

Problem #7

There is zero price transparency in medical markets. Does a CT cost $1000 or $21,515.35?
Who knows.

Something Has to Stop the Insanity

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